Monday, September 16, 2013

Multiple Announcements

Hi, everyone! Lots to announce today.

First of all, my two Cavendish Brothers novellas are available as a single item now. You can buy the Cavendish Brothers novellas at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and it will soon be available at the iBookstore.

It contains both novellas, An Unintended Journey and To Enchant an Icy Earl, all in a single purchase. If you haven't purchased them yet, this is a great way to get them both at once.

Additionally, all of my novellas which are currently available in ebook format are also now available for sale in paperback format through Amazon. If you prefer to purchase in paper, you can find all of those titles here.

For readers who prefer to listen to audiobooks, the audio version of To Enchant an Icy Earl is available today. You can find it at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

If you've been waiting for Rhyme and Reason, the second Bexley-Smythe Quintet novella, to make it to iBooks, the wait is over. You can purchase it now.

And last but not least, I've joined with a group of fourteen bestselling and award-winning historical romance authors to offer you a free excerpt book. In First Kiss, you will find either the first kiss, or the almost first kiss, from fourteen different novels and novellas. The best part? It's free anywhere and everywhere we have been able to make it free. Even if you purchase it from somewhere in which you must pay a fee for it, all proceeds are being donated to charity. I hope you all go out and pick up a copy of First Kiss today.

You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords, and it will be at other retailers soon.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pariah is Now in Audio

Pariah, the second book in the Old Maids' Club trilogy, is now available in audio format.

After selling his major's commission in the Dragoons, Lord Roman Sullivan wants nothing more than a calm, sedate life in the country where he's agreed to act as steward over his father's estate. Society is no place for a man who can't sleep without fear of attacking an innocent in the night, after all. But upon his arrival, madness lands in his path in the form of a secret-keeping pixie of a lady, a precocious boy, a lady in the throes of dementia, and a band of rabidly loyal servants, who combine to capture both his attention and what's left of his heart in one fell swoop.
Bethanne Shelton keeps a great many secrets, most of which are not hers to reveal. Keeping them close to her chest is the one sure way to make certain her life remains as normal as possible. Even her family can't discover the truth, lest Finn be taken away from her. In order to protect him, she ignores the whispers of pariah and worse. But her Aunt Rosaline's health is rapidly declining, and Roman is the only one able to calm her. He's getting too close, and if he unveils Bethanne's mysteries, she'll lose her family. One thing is certain: no matter what happens, she is bound to lose her heart.
It is available at Audible and Amazon, and iTunes.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Note on My Linked Novella Series

I have a few different series of novellas going, and some of them are linked.

The Devilish Devalles series (currently only The Devil to Pay is available) is not linked to any of my other novellas or novels.

The Cavendish Brothers duo and the Bexley-Smythe Quintet, however, are linked fairly intimately.

The suggested reading order is as follows:

An Unintended Journey
Flight of Fancy
To Enchant an Icy Earl
Rhyme and Reason
Thick as Thieves

As more novellas are released, in these series or in any other series which are similarly related, I will update this post.

How are they linked?

Wesley Cavendish (the hero from An Unintended Journey) and Tristan Cavendish, the Earl of Fordingham (the hero from To Enchant an Icy Earl) are brothers.

Georgie Bexley-Smythe (the heroine from Flight of Fancy) and Mattie Bexley-Smythe (the heroine from Rhyme and Reason) are sisters.

Abby Goddard (the heroine from An Unintended Journey) and Thomas Goddard (the hero from Rhyme and Reason) are sister and brother.

The Duke of Danby (the link to all the stories in the Summons anthologies) makes appearances, whether in person or simply through "off-screen" meddling, in An Unintended Journey, To Enchant an Icy Earl, and Rhyme and Reason.

Georgie and Cedric (Flight of Fancy), and Abby and Wesley (An Unintended Journey) all make appearances in To Enchant an Icy Earl.

Additionally, in my Bexley-Smythe Quintet novella Thick as Thieves (in the anthology A Pact Between Gentlemen), the heroine is Freddie Bexley-Smythe (sister to both Georgie and Mattie). We also see more of Robert Goddard, the eldest Goddard brother here, though he is not the hero of this story. You'll have to wait for that one.

Percy Bexley-Smythe, the Marquess of Stalbridge, is a recurring character in Flight of Fancy, Rhyme and Reason, and Thick as Thieves. He can also be found in Ava Stone's novella My Lord Hercules (part of the anthology A Season to Remember) and in her upcoming novella in A Pact Between Gentlemen.