Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On the Shelf, and On the Horizon

Things have been changing in my world, lately. Some of these changes are enormously exciting, and others are more than just a little frustrating.

I know that many of you have been waiting (incredibly patiently) for Shelved. I've spent months trying to give Jo and Duncan the story they deserve. Some stories are harder to write than others, and for whatever reason, this one has been an absolute beast for me. Through experience, I've come to realize that sometimes the best thing to do is set a project aside for a while and work on something else.

Because of that, I'm putting Shelved on the shelf for the time being.

I do not have a date for when Shelved will be available. I don't have an estimate. When that changes, I will let you know. I'm not giving up on this. The story will be written, but only when I can know for certain it will live up to both your expectations and mine.

In the meanwhile, I'll continue with the historical novella series I've started...and I'm excited to say that I'm diving headfirst into a new part of my career.

In addition to historical romance, I'm delving into the world of contemporary romance. Or, more specifically, hockey romance! If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably are aware of just how hockey-obsessed I can be. For the first time, I'm putting that obsession to good use.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this new venture, and I can't wait to be able to share it with you all.

The first novel in a new series will be available in December of this year. I'll share more details in the coming weeks!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pre-Orders, Audio, and More

A Pact Between Gentlemen officially releases on November 1, when it will be available at all retailers. If you purchase your books through iBooks, though, you can be sure it automatically downloads on that day. Here's the link.

My novella, Thick as Thieves, is the third novella in the Bexley-Smythe Quintet. Want to know what Thick as Thieves and the other novellas are about?

In Ava Stone's A Bit of Mistletoe, Everett Casemore, the very serious Marquess of Berkswell, returns home for Christmas, slightly shaken by the death of an old friend. Determined not to suffer the same sort of fate at the hands of a woman, Berks resolves himself to eternal bachelorhood. Unfortunately, both his resolve and his peace of mind are threatened by the arrival of a beautiful, thoughtful, but mostly unsuitable lady. * Miss Theresa Birkin knows better than most that an error in judgment can lead one down an unfortunate path. If only she'd been wiser when she was younger. If only she hadn't followed her foolish heart. If only she'd met Lord Berkswell long before now. 

In Jane Charles's Lady Disguised, Mr. Sebastian Stanwick never intended to marry. It was bad enough that his father gambled away everything they owned and then drank himself to death, leaving his mother broken until she could not go on. But the death of his good friend at the hand of the man’s wife only solidifies Stanwick’s decision to remain a bachelor. Women were simply unpredictable and unstable if not taken care of properly. * Hélène Mirabelle wants few things in life. One, is to perform on the stage, and the other, is to be out from under the roof of her overbearing new family: Lord Bentley and the Trent brothers. Since her mother’s recent passing, Hélène's desire to return to Milan and the stage has only grown. A husband could never fit into the plans because no decent man would take an actress as a wife. * One fateful night leaves Hélène questioning if being an actress is the only thing she wants, while Stanwick begins to wonder whether all women are truly prone to madness and if they are, he may never get Hélène off of his mind. 

In Catherine Gayle’s Thick as Thieves, David Hounslow, the Marquess of Preston, will not stand aside while those he loves are hurt. When it becomes clear his brother-in-law’s guest is up to no good, Preston determines to scrutinize every move of the would-be thief. Not that he minds such a task—Lady Frederica is as beautiful and intelligent as she is enigmatic. Considering her close relation to a wastrel brother and her current proclivity for the less-than-savory, Preston never expected to be won over to the lady’s charms. Yet she just might steal his heart. * Desperation has become Lady Frederica Bexley-Smythe’s constant companion due to her brother’s recent affinity for gambling and carousing. With the fate of both her mother and sister resting upon her shoulders, perhaps the time has arrived for Freddie to bend the rules. How else can she secure their future? Unfortunately, Lord Preston’s scrutiny is complicating her task. Far more perplexing than his perusal is his caring nature, which is distracting her from the treasures she intends to steal. But desperate times call for desperate measures…

Also available for pre-order at the iBookstore is the companion anthology, A Gentlemen's Pact.

In Jerrica Knight-Catania's All He Wants For Christmas, Rowan Findley can't imagine a fate worse than what his friend suffered at the hands of his mad wife, so he's made the decision to remain a bachelor for all eternity. That is, until Olivia walks into his cousin's drawing room for a Christmas party. Her fiery red hair and sweet demeanor remind him of a night so many years ago that he would never forget. * Olivia Edwards can't quite believe her eyes when Rowan Findley waltzes back into her life, as handsome and charming as ever. It's been almost seven years since she's seen him, and the secret she's been harboring all that time has her on edge whenever he's about. Yet she can't deny that she's still drawn to him, nor can she deny the desire she's kept hidden in her heart these many years.

In Aileen Fish’s Chasing Lord Mystery, Lord Northcotte is not in the holiday spirit when he joins his sister’s family shortly after the brutal death of a friend. Discovering a matchmaking scheme is afoot, he tells them he will never marry Lady Miriam or any other woman. Now if only his heart would listen. * Lady Miriam’s mother accused her of chasing Lord Mystery after a noble act by a handsome stranger six years ago became the measure of all other men. Now he’s staying at the home where she’d hoped to escape a summons from her grandfather, the Duke of Danby. Terrified Northcotte will recognize her and reveal the contents of the scandalous letter she wrote him years ago, she can’t decide which is the bigger threat: the duke armed with a special license, or Lord Mystery, who carries a secret she’d never live down.

In Julie Johnstone’s ’Tis The Season For Surrender, Lillian Lancaster would rather catch the plague than a husband. Unfortunately, her abusive, recently deceased father’s will stipulates her inheritance hinges upon her marrying a lord. With time running out, Lillian proposes to the guilt-ridden, marriage-adverse Lord Edgeworth after securing his agreement to a marriage in name only. * Edgeworth feels responsible for his former betrothed’s death and believes he doesn’t deserve love, which makes Lillian’s proposal oddly perfect. Commanded by his grandfather to marry by Christmas or become penniless, the obviously perfect choice is a woman who wants nothing to do with him. * When Lillian displays a brave and true heart and Edgeworth reveals his honorable, protective side maintaining a marriage of convenience becomes harder than these two wounded souls imagined. Now, Lillian and Edgeworth must decide if they are courageous enough to risk their hearts and surrender to love.

In other news, the collection THE CAVENDISH BROTHERS, containing both novellas An Unintended Journey and To Enchant an Icy Earl, is available now at the iBookstore.

And finally, the audiobook version of CHARMING AND JUST A BIT DISARMING is out now! You can find it at Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

More soon!