Monday, September 2, 2013

A Note on My Linked Novella Series

I have a few different series of novellas going, and some of them are linked.

The Devilish Devalles series (currently only The Devil to Pay is available) is not linked to any of my other novellas or novels.

The Cavendish Brothers duo and the Bexley-Smythe Quintet, however, are linked fairly intimately.

The suggested reading order is as follows:

An Unintended Journey
Flight of Fancy
To Enchant an Icy Earl
Rhyme and Reason
Thick as Thieves

As more novellas are released, in these series or in any other series which are similarly related, I will update this post.

How are they linked?

Wesley Cavendish (the hero from An Unintended Journey) and Tristan Cavendish, the Earl of Fordingham (the hero from To Enchant an Icy Earl) are brothers.

Georgie Bexley-Smythe (the heroine from Flight of Fancy) and Mattie Bexley-Smythe (the heroine from Rhyme and Reason) are sisters.

Abby Goddard (the heroine from An Unintended Journey) and Thomas Goddard (the hero from Rhyme and Reason) are sister and brother.

The Duke of Danby (the link to all the stories in the Summons anthologies) makes appearances, whether in person or simply through "off-screen" meddling, in An Unintended Journey, To Enchant an Icy Earl, and Rhyme and Reason.

Georgie and Cedric (Flight of Fancy), and Abby and Wesley (An Unintended Journey) all make appearances in To Enchant an Icy Earl.

Additionally, in my Bexley-Smythe Quintet novella Thick as Thieves (in the anthology A Pact Between Gentlemen), the heroine is Freddie Bexley-Smythe (sister to both Georgie and Mattie). We also see more of Robert Goddard, the eldest Goddard brother here, though he is not the hero of this story. You'll have to wait for that one.

Percy Bexley-Smythe, the Marquess of Stalbridge, is a recurring character in Flight of Fancy, Rhyme and Reason, and Thick as Thieves. He can also be found in Ava Stone's novella My Lord Hercules (part of the anthology A Season to Remember) and in her upcoming novella in A Pact Between Gentlemen.

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