Thursday, September 18, 2014

Double Major is LIVE

Double Major is a novella of second epilogues to books 1-4 of the Portland Storm series. It is approximately 35,000 words long.

It's the NHL's draft day, but the whole Portland Storm team is back together for an entirely different event. Complete with a double wedding, an unanticipated guest, overdue apologies, unexpected goodbyes, and fresh starts, this big day has the potential to get them all called for a Double Major.

Buy it now at:

Barnes and Noble

Also, IN THE ZONE is available for pre-orders at the big ebook retailers.

Here's the working blurb (subject to change):

It was supposed to be one night of fake names, half-truths, and anonymous sex. Neither of them was prepared for it to turn into so much more. Keith Burns, star defenseman for the NHL’s Portland Storm, was just looking for a way to pass the time and ease the loneliness of his lavish lifestyle. Brianna Hayden wanted to find herself again after health issues changed everything. That one night turns out to be so much more than either Keith or Brie expects, but anonymity is the name of their game, and the rules were laid down at the outset. Pushing for the truth might land Keith a permanent spot in Brie’s penalty box, but it’s a chance he’s willing to take. Once he gets In the Zone, he’ll be on the forecheck—but Brie’s heart is the goal he’s seeking.

You can place pre-orders at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. It releases on November 20, 2014.

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